Scotland school exams creating ‘unsustainable’ workload, report finds

According to a review carried out by the Scottish government, new qualifications in the country have resulted in a significant amount of pressure on teachers and pupils.

The report warned that new teams were causing ‘unintended and unsustainable levels of work for learners and teachers’ and warned that ‘the need to take action to address the very real pressures on teachers’.

The review was produced by a group set up by Scottish Education Secretary Angela Constance to examine concerns over excessive workload associated with the new tests. The report also outlined problems around suspending mandatory unit assessments, which are carried out internally by teachers.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority is now set to review the assessments requirements in each subject under the new qualifications, with over 40 schools set to be visited, and the findings published by the end of the month.

The report concluded: “At present, aspects of the introduction of new National Qualifications have involved an unintended and unsustainable level of work for learners and teachers. The Scottish government, Education Scotland, the SQA, teachers, schools, colleges and local authorities all have an important role to play in reducing this workload.”

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