Free school meal voucher scheme to recommence

The Department for Education has said that the free school meals national voucher scheme will recommence on Monday 18th January and will be run by the same supplier Edenred.

It says that any support provided since 4 January 2021 through lunch parcels or locally arranged vouchers can be claimed back from DfE.

Schools are responsible for providing free schools meals support to eligible pupils during term time, and should order vouchers on their pupils behalf.
Schools will receive an email from Edenred by 14 January, advising you how to either reset your password or activate your account for the first time.

Schools can order a single voucher to cover multiple weeks, for example, a £30 voucher to cover one eligible child over two weeks or order a single voucher to cover more than one eligible child within the same household, for example, £60 to support two eligible children over two weeks. Alternatively they can set a weekly £15 rolling voucher, up to the week commencing 8 February.

To ensure that vouchers are processed in a timely manner, schools should submit one spreadsheet to order eCodes for all eligible families wherever possible.

Once the value is confirmed, schools can either send an eCode directly to the parent or carers of the pupils(s) eligible for free school meals - they will need to choose an eGift card from a range of supermarkets. Or they can select an eGift card on the parent or carer’s behalf, and print and post the eGift card to them. Alternatively they can select an eGift card on the parent or carer’s behalf, print the eGift card and arrange for families to collect it or deliver it to them in person.

See the guidance here.

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