Maths associations raise concerns over Year 7 ‘progress check’

A group of maths associations have come together to voice concerns over the proposed Year 7 ‘progress check’, suggesting their could be unintended costs for learning.

The Meeting of Mathematics Subject Associations (MMSA), a collaboration of the classroom facing professional associations focused on mathematics education, has written an open letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan calling for her to reconsider the proposed tests.

The progress check is to be taken by all pupils who fail to achieve the expected standard at the end of key Stage 2. The MMSA said that it appreciates the concerns that underline the proposal, but feels that the progress check will ‘distort learners early secondary mathematics experience’.

The MMSA believes that the transition into secondary education is challenging enough for young people without the added burden of external tests so early on, which it feels could negatively affect pupils’ confidence in their abilities and make them feel that they have failed.

The letter urges Morgan to reconsider the proposals and asks for the opportunity to discuss the concerns in more depth.

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