Johnson urged to put defibrillators in all schools

Mark King, the father of a boy who died from an undiagnosed heart condition, has called for defibrillators to be as common in public buildings as fire extinguishers.

King, whose son Oliver died in 2011 whilst taking part in a school swimming lesson, is urging the government to back a bill making the devices mandatory for all schools and sports clubs. The second reading of the Automated External Defibrillators Bill is due before Parliament on 10 September.

King founded the charity The Oliver King Foundation to secure a change in government policy to promote the use of defibrillators in schools and sports clubs. He is seeking discussions with Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, Health Secretary Said Javid and Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get action on the issue. The charity has distributed defibrillators to more than 5,500 schools and gyms so far.

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