Oxfordshire could be first to open new grammar schools if the ban is lifted

Oxfordshire County Council cabinet member for education Melinda Tilley has said that she would immediately write to Education Secretary Justine Greening if the ban on opening new grammar schools is lifted.

Speaking to the Herald, Tilley said that she would like to see Oxfordshire get new grammar schools ‘as soon as possible’, claiming that the county has ‘gone right down the education league’ since the ban came into force.

While no official plans have been announced, a report from the Telegraph suggested that Prime Minister Theresa May could make an announcement on grammar school as soon as the Conservative Party conference in October.

Tilley also suggested that academies in the area would also like to be able to select by ability, although it is unclear if this would be included in potential grammar school plans.

Explaining her support from grammar schools, Tilley added: “When you look around at children they are not all equal, they are different. Some are good at some things and some are god at others. It is a good idea to give children who are academically gifted the chance to go to grammar school."

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