Hinds calls for more BAME school governors

Hinds calls for more BAME school governors

Education Secretary Damian Hinds has called on more black and minority ethnic people to sign up as school governors.

Speaking at the 'Break the Cycle' conference in London, which is aimed at improving the representation of BAME teachers in school leadership positions, Hinds said:

"Last year I urged more people to become school governors. If I had to make sure that message would be heard by one group above any other it would be those from ethnic minorities.

"Governors and trustees are absolutely crucial for the life of direction of a school, they decide how resourcing is spent, they support and they challenge leaders, they guide what children learn and the values they will live by. It’s vital that what they say and do reflects their communities."

“Schools need diverse governing bodies and that’s why we support the National Governance Association’s campaign called 'Everyone on Board', a push to get far greater board diversity."

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