Number of underperforming primary schools falls by 92

The Key Stage 2 assessment data, released 10 December, showed that progress had been made across England’s primary schools, with 90,000 more pupils leaving school with the expected standard of reading, writing and maths skills needed to succeed at secondary school.

The data shows that 80 per cent of pupils achieved Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. 94 per cent of pupils made at least two Levels of progress in writing, which represents a four per cent increase from 2012, while 92 per cent made two Levels of progress in reading, which represents a two per cent increase compared to 2012. Additionally, 90 per cent of pupils made two Levels of progress in maths, an eight per cent increase from 2010.

However, despite this progress in children’s attainment, the data also shows that more than 200,000 pupils are still being taught in underperforming schools. There is also wide variation in the standard of schooling across the country, with more than a quarter of schools deemed underperforming in Poole, and a similar picture for Medway, Doncaster and Bedford.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said: “As part of this government’s commitment to extending opportunity for all, it is essential that every child leaves primary school having mastered the basics in reading, writing and maths - thanks to our education reforms thousands more pupils each year are reaching those standards.

“The increased performance at primary level across the country demonstrates how this government is delivering on its commitment to provide educational excellence everywhere and ensure every child benefits from the best possible start in life, no matter where they come from.”

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