Cuts to creative subjects will limit music to the ‘privileged few’, Laura Mvula warns

British soul singer and former music supply teacher Laura Mvula has spoken out against cuts to creative subjects in schools, warning that it is limiting opportunities for poorer pupils and will leave music a preserve of the 'privileged few who can afford private lessons'.

Speaking to the Guardian, Mvula criticised the fact that music had been 'cast off to the bottom of the curriculum' and welcomed Jeremy Corbyn’s recent pledge to invest an extra £160 million to fund music, art and drama in schools.

Reflecting on her own experiences and opportunities growing up, Mvula said: “I was surrounded by teachers and resources that made me feel there were no limits. There wasn’t anything that was off-limits to me because of money or because of who I am or where I come from. You want to play violin, then play violin, you want to study composition at a conservatoire, take up a scholarship there. We lived in a culture of freedom and availability.

“Without that they don’t have anything to stimulate their own musical growth – it’s only available to the privileged few who can afford private lessons.”

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