Post-school funding to be simplified in Scotland

The Scottish Government has set out steps to reform post-school funding arrangements.

Currently, funding across the sector is provided by multiple organisations, including the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

The Scottish Government will take over skills planning at a national level. There will also be a review into Community Learning Development (CLD).

Minister for Higher Education and Further Education Graeme De said: “Scotland’s colleges, universities and apprenticeships are vital parts of our national infrastructure and it is important that every pound invested delivers the greatest impact. To do that, we must reduce complexities to make sure more of our investment directly supports learners.

"While I recognise the important role played by all of the bodies involved in funding, as an initial step I am committed to bringing together learner support funding into one place, and funding for apprenticeship provision into one place. I will work closely with SFC, SAAS and SDS to make this happen.  

“Our review of CLD will identify strengths and highlight areas for improvement so that, as we progress reforms, we can ensure that everyone benefits. It is critically important for us to be able to identify strengths in our current approach to CLD and to highlight where improvements may be necessary.”