Consultation launched on VTQ assessments for 2021

Ofqual is launching a consultation on a range of proposals for VTQ assessments in 2021 and a new version of the Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (ERF) to support the 2020/21 approach.

This is designed to help mitigate the impact of lost teaching time and respond to any future public health measures.

As government’s expectation is that assessments will take place during 2020/21, Ofqual does not consider that it will be necessary to permit awarding organisations to offer calculated results to any learners in 2020/21.

Ofqual has engaged widely with awarding organisations, professional bodies and providers and consider that permitting awarding organisations to adapt their assessments is the best way to mitigate for the longer term impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). This may include widening assessment windows to provide greater flexibility, streamlining assessments to free up time for teaching and learning, or changing some assessment requirements to deal with the impact of any ongoing social distancing measures, such as group performances.

Because of the diversity of VTQs, a single approach would not be feasible, and instead, Ofqual intends to work with awarding organisations to support their decision-making around what adaptations are suitable for different qualifications.

Ofqual will work with awarding organisations, in sector-specific groups and across different types of qualifications, to facilitate common approaches to help ensure that approaches are as consistent as possible across similar VTQs. This will be informed by a set of objectives and additional guidance it will produce, to run alongside the ERF. Ofqual will look to consult on this guidance later this month, alongside any other changes Ofqual feels are necessary to the ERF for our 2020/21 approach.

The consultation is open until 14 August 2020.

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