Recording pupils nationality 'has all the hallmarks of racism’, Lord Storey warns

The requirement for schools to keep a record of pupils’ nationalities has been condemned for having ‘all the hallmarks of racism’ by Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Lord Storey.

From the start of the current academic term, schools and colleges have been required to record personal information including nationality, place of birth and proficiency in English.

The move has drawn significant criticism from campaigners since it’s introduction and speaking in the House of Lords on Monday, Storey criticised the government for rushing through the new legislation without proper scrutiny during the summer recess.

Lord Storey said: “It is deeply concerning that the government are creating a vast database of children’s nationalities without giving any reason why it is needed.

“If this information could help them provide better educational support, that would be one thing - but the Government have failed to give any evidence that this would be the case.

“In the context of the government’s offensive anti-immigration rhetoric, I’m extremely worried that this is just another way for them to make people who live in the UK but were born abroad feel unwelcome.”

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