Making the most of the outdoors both in and out of the school grounds can enhance learning and build character. David Harvey, national chair of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres, explains how to make it happen

Michael Hoenigmann, chair of the Association of Play Industries, comments on why schools have such an important role in changing the dynamics of physical inactivity, and how active play can help

Is learning outside the classroom part of your strategy to improve the quality of teaching at your establishment? If not, it should be, writes Elaine Skates, chief executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

With outdoor play increasingly recognised as a factor in a healthy and happy childhood, Michael Hoenigmann of the Association of Play Industries comments on how schools
can make a difference

Outdoor learning can be viewed as a series of building blocks, from exploring school grounds to group expeditions. Andy Robinson of the Institute for Outdoor Learning explains further

The roll out of the new National Curriculum gives us a great opportunity to be creative with lesson planning and look at how we can engage learners through regular learning outside the classroom, writes Elaine Skates, acting chief executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Taking traditional subjects outdoors can provide a host of learning benefits, writes Alex Brooks-Johnson of Widehorizons

There is plentiful evidence that challenging play provides tangible developmental benefits to children of all ages, writes Colin MacAdam, vice chair of the Association of Play Industries (API)

Immersing children in nature can help stimulate pupils not engaged by classroom-based activity, and can bring the curriculum to life, writes Andy Robinson from the Institute for Outdoor Learning

Sarah Blackwell of Forest Schools Education discusses the need for schools to help children learn from the natural world and outlines an approach that goes beyond conventional one-day outings

The Association of Play Industries awaits the long-awaited evaluation of the £235m Play Pathfinders and Play Builders Programmes expected before the end of the year, its new chairman, Michael Hoenigmann, is ready to bang the drum for play at the highest levels and call for the recognition it deserves

Play is such an important part of childhood and growth, but outdoor space is increasingly at a premium, particularly for schools that need to accommodate more classroom space. Carolyn Place, an expert in play area design, looks at recent developments, and highlights the importance of the ‘risk’

A ‘can do’ culture that is supportive of learning outside the classroom can add the most value to enabling students to achieve well and thrive, says a recent Ofsted best practice report. Elaine Skates, deputy chief executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, explains how this can be achieved

Schools and academies up and down the country are raving about the positive effect the Duke of Edinburgh Award has on pupils and teachers alike

Having recently welcomed its 750,000th educational visitor, the Eden Project’s schools team is now embarking on a campaign to help outdoor learning become a central pillar of British education.