Welsh Youth Parliament calls for life skills in schools

The Welsh Youth Parliament has released its first report, saying that life skills should be taught in school.

From financial education informing students on the value of money and on financial concepts such as inflation, mortgages and taxes, to diversity and inclusion lessons - the skills that young people need to develop into responsible, global citizens are critical to education, the report says.

The report says: "We can’t survive adulthood or any part of our life if we leave school as A* robots with no knowledge of the real world. We’re going through this education system, our siblings and our kids will go through this system. We want them to feel equipped and able to function as productive adults, who don’t feel as though their worth is based on their exam results. We are worth more than this.

"If life skills are correctly implemented into the curriculum, the next generation of students will leave school with not only the correct qualifications to succeed in life, but also other abilities and knowledge to make life easier. It is important for us as young people to have an education that will benefit."

Education Minister Kirsty Williams will address the recommendations when the Youth Parliament meets on Friday.