'Activity passport' to get primary children experiencing more

A new ‘passport’ of activities has been launched by the DfE to encourage primary school children experience different things to help build their character and resilience.

Endorsed by organisations including the Scouts, Girlguiding,the National Trust and Action for Children - the list of activities is intended to support parents and schools in introducing children to a wide variety of experiences and fulfilling activities like flying a kite, learning something new about the local area or putting on a performance.

The list of activities was inspired by the Education Secretary Damian Hinds' visit to St Werburgh’s Primary School, in Bristol, where every child is encouraged to take part in a list of tasks and experiences, with key achievements for each school year to tick off.

The list will be sent to schools in January for teachers to adapt to meet the needs of their pupils and local communities, helping young people to build their personal skills and qualities during the school day and at home.

The ‘My Activity Passport’ is help children have the opportunity to enjoy new and varied experiences, no matter their background - comprising of key areas: drive and tenacity; sticking at the task at hand; understanding how to work towards long term goals when reward might be a long way off in the future; and being able to pick yourself up and bounce back from life’s challenges.

Matt Hyde, Chief Executive of the Scouts, said: "We know how much young people get out of enrichment activities like these: broadening their experiences, having fun and developing skills for life. Not everything can be taught in a classroom, so it’s great to see DfE recognising the value of extra-curricular activities and encouraging young people to build confidence, resilience and get involved in their communities as well."

These activities will inspire children’s ability to problem-solve, provide opportunities to see or visit new places and develop wide interests in new subjects.

The activities are designed to be accessible so that every child and family can get involved and include milestones for each primary school year group. Tasks that schools and families can set children include: painting a self portrait; posting a letter; looking at the stars on a clear night; and playing a board game.

Among the list of activities will be opportunities for children to engage in social action that helps them make positive changes for themselves and others. Schools will also be able to adapt the list to meet the needs of its pupils and local communities.

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