DfE publishes clearer safety guidance for open schools

The first iteration of the government’s safety guidance for schools open during corona virus lockdown has been published.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: "We expect further and better advice to be issued throughout the day today. We continue to engage with the DfE whilst it is updated."

This follows a meeting between unions NAHT, ASCL and the NEU, the Secretary of State for Education, and Public Health England to discuss the need for schools to have clearer guidance on how to keep staff and pupils safe during this time.

Following the meeting, NAHT's Paul Whiteman said: "Critically, this advice will be informed by experts from Public Health England, which I hope will be of interest and use to colleagues in Northern Ireland and Wales too."

"The new guidance will not be perfect and I’m sure there will still be questions about this issue that we need to seek answers to, but I am pleased that the DfE has responded to our direct request and will continue to develop and improve the guidance as issues arise."

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