Pupils challenged to count their zero emission miles

A new competition from government / industry campaign Go Ultra Low is challenging schools in England and Wales to sign up to Ben Fogle’s Hero to Zero Emission Miles Challenge.
Pupils will record the number of “zero emission miles” - a mile travelled without any personal carbon emissions - they travel over a 7-day period, such as those covered walking, scooting, cycling on public transport, or in electric vehicles. The accompanying lesson plans will educate the pupils on how they can reduce their carbon footprint through sustainable travel. The competition draws attention to the emissions associated with different modes of transport and will encourage pupils to alter their behaviours.
In lesson plans focused around the idea of “going green”, pupils will learn how they can make small, individual choices to work together and protect the planet, from using low emission transport, to walking, and recycling. Young people are growing increasingly aware of environmental issues and of the need for society to collectively reduce our impact. This competition will give them the tools to help reduce their personal carbon footprint. Teachers or schools interested in taking part should visit the National Schools Partnership website where they can sign up for the competition.
Competition entrants will be in the running for several prizes. The individual with the highest score will receive two tickets to the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in London in 2020 where they will be able to see electric cars racing against each other. They will also win an assembly for their school from an EV engineering expert and Ben Fogle, who will talk about how electric cars are made and why more and more people are choosing to drive them.
The Go Ultra Low campaign has worked to develop the competition and the engaging lesson plans for KS2 pupils. The challenge is linked to the KS2 core curriculum in England and Wales and could form part of PSHE, Science and Geography lessons. Pupils will learn how the environment can be affected by individual and collective decisions on how we can work towards a more sustainable future.
Backed by HM Government, vehicle manufacturers and energy providers, the Go Ultra Low campaign promotes the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK. Its work focuses on increasing purchase consideration of electric vehicles by explaining the benefits of making the switch. With government targets currently set to end the sale of conventional new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, the campaign is now ensuring that younger generations are aware of how electric vehicles work and how they can reduce their individual carbon footprint.
Head of Go Ultra Low Poppy Welch, said “As we see more and more electric vehicles on the road, it’s important that school pupils understand the environmental factors behind the switch to this technology. The competition will empower children to make more sustainable transport choices and appreciate the impact they make. It’s clear we are on the way towards electric mobility becoming a part of everyday life; our lesson plans and Ben Fogle’s Hero to Zero Emission Miles Challenge will help pupils to understand this shift.”
Go Ultra Low Ambassador Ben Fogle, broadcaster, writer and adventurer, said “I’m a firm believer in educating children about sustainability and helping them to understand the impact of their choices. If we can all make small changes, they’ll add up to make a big difference. I’m proud to be a part of the competition which will help our younger generation to make greener choices and I look forward to meeting the winner at their own school.”