Free education pack on combatting air pollution

ANS Global has developed a free guide for educators to arm schools with vital information and inspiration on tackling air pollution through green spaces.

Additionally, a competition has been launched for children, parents and teachers to design their own vision of a living wall, with the winning entry receiving a bespoke segment of living wall for their school.

Nature and plant life transforms wasted spaces and filters harmful pollutants, while giving children the chance to learn about the environment.

Living walls also have the support of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, with ANS Global recently helping one of the capital’s most polluted schools – St Mary’s in Chiswick – transform into one of the greenest. Installing a 126m living wall in its playground, the feature was designed to improve air quality and was officially opened by the Mayor earlier this year.

Richard Silcock, Managing Director, ANS Global said: “The issue of air pollution is one of the most important environmental challenges of the century. Increasing traffic, idling cars and harmful emissions pose a risk to children; they unknowingly breathe toxic air that puts their future health and development in jeopardy. We believe this needs to change and are helping schools to fight back by giving them the facts, figures and potential solutions to make a difference.

“We believe everyone has the right to clean air. Features like living walls help to reintroduce nature back into schools, while using plants to create breathable and fresh air. Protecting children’s futures, plants filter out harmful pollutants and have a proven positive effect on health, stress and productivity, as well as becoming a welcome home to local wildlife.

“Living walls also offer schools the chance to inspire the next generation of green ambassadors by demonstrating how they can live, interact and protect the natural world.  With so many schools located near major roads, we hope more schools take the opportunity to learn about living walls, which have power to make a positive and measurable impact on people’s lives.”

To read the Education Pack, as well as to find out how to enter the competition click here.

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