More teens recognising negatives of social media

Nearly one-in-five (18 per cent) of teens have deleted social media apps off their devices in recognition of the negative impact of social media on their lives.

MediaCom’s 2019 Connected Kids report, which investigates the media habits and attitudes of kids and teenagers in the UK, highlighted young peoples’ addiction to social media, with 48% reporting they spend too much time on social media and more than half (52%) saying they feel the need to constantly check for updates.
But many teens are taking steps to curb their behaviour: 17% of teens have self-limited their screen time and 13% have cut down their use of social media apps and sites.
While British teens are making an effort to protect themselves from the negative impacts of social media, they still appreciate the positives it can bring. More than half (59%) say social media helps them to avoid missing out, while a further 47% say they are on social media to feel included.
32% worry about the number of likes they receive on a post and two-fifths (40%) often compare themselves to others on social media, while a further 36% are worried about receiving hurtful or negative online comments.