Free teaching toolkit co-produced by migrant young people to improve integration and inclusion in schools

Children’s charity Coram has launched a new teaching toolkit which aims to increase understanding of the experiences of migrant children and young people to improve integration and inclusion in schools.

Universal Credit roll-out could see over 50,000 more children eligible for free school meals

The Department for Education is asking for views on how the government can continue to support children most in need.

Institute of School Business Leadership launches in place of NASBM

The Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) has been unveiled with a pledge to provide a voice to all school business professionals.

School road safety campaign launches make children THINK!

A new road safety campaign has been launched aimed at teachers and schools to help cut child fatalities.

Effectiveness of free schools cannot be measured yet, report says

According to a report by the Education Policy Institute, it is not yet possible to conclude whether free schools are more effective in improving pupil attainment than other schools.

School children to be offered direct engineering experience

The government is set to work with industry partners next year to form the Year of Engineering as part of a major push to tackle the skills gap.

Scottish maths and English student teacher numbers fall

New figures show that English and maths are struggling to attract student teachers in Scotland.

Teachers in Northern Ireland to need license to drive a minibus

School teachers in Northern Ireland will no longer be allowed to drive school minibuses with a car driving license, the BBC has reported.

New Teaching Regulation Agency to replace the NCTL

Staff at the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) and the Department for Education are set to team up to support teachers at “every stage of their career”.

Pupils to be given advice on how to respond to terrorist attacks

Security experts from Counter Terrorism Policing (CTB) have commissioned a new animated film designed to teach young people how to react if caught up in a gun or knife terror attack.

 Workloads for independent school staff has increased, union says

Independent school staff are having to give up an increasing amount of their free time to manage heavy workloads, according to a survey by the National Education Union (NEU).

Over half of young people have been bullied at school, poll shows

According to a poll by the Diana Award, as part of Anti-Bullying Week, 63 per cent of children have experienced bullying at school.

Church of England publishes guidance on transphobic bullying

The Church of England has published guidance for teachers aimed at preventing pupils from “having their self-worth diminished or their ability to achieve impeded by being bullied because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity”.

£2.3 billion building fund for Welsh schools and colleges announced

The Welsh government has announced a further £2.3 billion to modernise education infrastructure.

Pupils ‘hide’ themselves for fear of being bullied, survey shows

Ahead of Anti-Bullying Week, a new poll shows that primary and secondary pupils in England worry about being seen as ‘different’.

Government urged to invest in computing education

A new report by The Royal Society finds that over half of English schools do not offer GCSE computer science, leaving young people without the opportunity to learn programming and algorithm skills.

Olympic Get Set Values Awards launched to reward pupils

Teachers and young people are set to be inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Values with the launch of the Values Awards from Get Set, the official youth engagement programme of the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association.

New Scottish Education Council established

The first ever Scottish Education Council has been put together in order to oversee work to improve education.

 Over 50 per cent rise in maladministration investigations of KS1 tests

Government investigations into maladministration of key stage 1 tests have increased by over 50 per cent and 65 sets of key stage 2 exams were annulled or amended.

King’s Lynn Academy in Norfolk has had its funding terminated following concerns about its performance.

Politics should take the place of religious studies, poll suggests

Almost three-fifths of the British public think that religious studies should be replaced by politics in secondary school, a new survey shows.

 Gender divide in attitudes towards school PE

According to research by Women in Sport and the Youth Sport Trust, there is a “shocking gender divide” in attitudes towards physical activity for secondary school-aged children.

Unions call for immediate 5% pay rise for teachers

Education unions have sent a letter to education secretary Justine Greening, calling for a fully funded five per cent pay rise for all teachers.

The UK Space Agency has awarded £210,000 of funding for seven new education and outreach activities

Flyers sent out by East Sussex County Council saying there is no good reason for children to miss school has been labeled “insulting”