Approximately 1,000 extra pupil support assistants will be recruited in Scotland to work with children with additional support needs.

Photo Credit: School Games

National children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust has launched an interactive toolkit and campaign to support the reframing of competition in school sports

Scottish union EIS has called for medical screening to be available at Buchanan and St Ambrose High school following health concerns associated with the site of the two schools

The price index shows overall price increases of 4.5% in 2019, with vocational & technical qualifications increasing on average by 3.3% and general qualifications rising by 5.6%.

The review aims to equip staff so they can respond effectively to SEN pupils' needs and ensure quality of provision is the same across the country

The Scottish Government has confirmed funding to replace Woodmill High School, which was damaged in a fire on 26 August.

Eleven per cent of pupils reached the higher standard in all three subjects, up from 10 per cent last year.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said the government will put school uniform guidance on a statutory footing “when a suitable opportunity arises”.

The Chancellor Sajid Javid has delivered his Spending Round, including details on education spending.

London’s Child Obesity Taskforce has set out the measures it will take to reduce the number of overweight children in primary schools

People working within the Childcare and Play sector in Wales can apply for funding for apprenticeship qualifications through the Progress for Success (PFS) programme.

The programme is designed for 11- 14 year olds and aims to improve young people’s understanding of tech and build their digital skills for the future