With warmer weather upon us, schools should review their outdoor play facilities and upgrade those that are worn or fail to excite children

There are many schools demonstrating excellent and inclusive SEND practice, but there is still more to do to to ensure there is high quality provision across England

School sports flooring plays a pivotal role in keeping pupils fit and safe, says Nick Egan

The United Arab Emirates has implemented its plan for 'First-Rate Education', which outlines dramatic reforms to the curriculum, improving teaching through professional development and a commitment to developing 21st Century skills in schools.

As well as helping pupils get to school, community transport enables students to access opportunities outside of the classroom, writes the Community Transport Association

Bett 2017 hosted some of the most effective and innovative new technologies in education, as well as talks by motivational speakers and education practitioners

Pheasey Park Farm Primary School however has given its pupils’ online work a chance to shine

Too often, digital work is carried out by pupils only to receive no teacher assessment. Pheasey Park Farm Primary School however has given its pupils’ online work a chance to shine

If a teacher lacks ability or confidence in delivering computing, the subject can come across dry. But using code to control another object, such as a robot, the subject can be brought to life

Falling foul of fire safety legislation can mean thousands of pounds in fines that could have been avoided if the correct steps were taken, writes the Fire Industry Association

Energy charity Carbon Trust has found ways schools can cut back and save money on energy and reduce carbon emissions

Academisation is a relatively new education structure for schools and with this comes the need to share experiences. It is for this reason that Bett Academies launched on 16-18 March

Embodied carbon is the total greenhouse gas emissions generated to produce a building and is a vital consideration when commissioning a sustainable new school

The ongoing challenges in teacher recruitment and retention continue to provide difficulties for schools writes Richard Sagar from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Becoming an academy is a huge change for any school and so it is important that the process is well-thought-out. The Key’s John Davies outlines seven steps to help academisation run smoothly

Scott Warrington, who set up School Letting Solutions (SLS) explains how schools can generate their own income by opening their doors to the community

As part of the Spring Budget, money has been allocated to a number of different areas in the education sector which includes free schools, maintenance and transport.

Following March’s Education Show, we asked several exhibitors what they thought about the current education system in the UK, including what is being done well and what they would change

School trips allow pupils to improve relationships with their teachers and each other, as well as enhance their confidence. But, the costs and time involved in organising trips can be a challenge.

Since July 2015, new recommendations for sugar and fibre intake have been in place for adults and children. The Children’s Food Trust suggests ways for schools to limit sugars and increase fibre in food

Security measures in schools should not only protect staff, students and assets, but also integrate seamlessly with the design of the building