With an endless list of competing priorities, information destruction in the education sector can often fall by the wayside.

How Sandon JMI School in Hertfordshire has effectively communicated with parents to encourage them to support and get involved with pupils’ learning

The BSIA’s James Kelly discusses the importance of measures to keep schools safe in and out of working hours

Security measures in schools should not only protect staff, students and assets, but also integrate seamlessly with the design of the building

Richard Diston, on behalf of the Security Institute, discusses strategies to tackle the complex issue of school security.

Schools must consider how they can reduce the risk of theft outside of school hours. James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association, looks at a variety of security solutions.

Calling for better education for cyber security

James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association, discusses the cyber threats that the education sector is facing and the best ways to counteract them.

CCTV in schools has the potential to split opinion - necessary safety measure or intrusion of privacy? James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association, explores how new smarter security systems are making schools safer.

Addressing security in the education sector

Security in schools is a complex issue. With no formal strategy in place for English schools, Stuart Naisbett of IPSA discusses the difficulties security poses and how best to initiate security policy.

CCTV - Protecting staff and students in school life

Providing a safe learning environment is of paramount importance to education providers. Deploying adequate solutions to ensure the safety of students and staff and maintaining the security of the school building when not in use must be key considerations in security planning, says Liam Collins of the British Security Industry Association.

The rise in the levels of bullying and violence, coupled with new safety threats such as terrorism recruitment, has led to an increasing need for improved security measures in schools and colleges, writes Matthew Grimley of the British Security Industry Association

Recent research reveals that school administrators face abuse from parents on a regular basis. Tony Attwood of the School of Education Administration and Management explores the depth of the problem, what causes it, and asks where we go next

With the autumn term under way and the evenings getting darker, a top priority for schools should be ensuring the safety of staff and pupils. Judith Denny of the British Security Industry Association discusses how access control solutions and perimeter security can offer peace of mind

With technology developing at a similar rate to the apparent escalation of violence and bullying, many school managers are turning towards both electronic and physical security measures to combat the increasing risks they face on a daily basis. Judith Denny, of the British Security Industry Association, investigates

James Kelly of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) explores the value of
CCTV in safeguarding our schools, challenging the ‘Big Brother’ perceptions surrounding its use