Now Teach, Cognition Education and The Brilliant Club will receive a share of £10.7million government money to recruit professionals and graduates into schools over the next two years.

This new assessment addresses a key issue with P scales, which focused on linear progress, and will be rolled out in primary schools from 2020.

A report by the DfE highlights how the £31 million investment has been used by academy schools to grow sustainably.

The report recommends that colleges should engage actively with employers, who should co-design and implement aspects of the curriculum and assess learners.

Six experienced governors have been appointed to the new National Leaders of Governance for further education to help improve colleges across the country.

Revenue collected from the levy will help fund physical education activities in primary schools, the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund and provide a funding boost for breakfast clubs.

The draft guidance, called Respecting Others, provides clarity on what is and is not bullying and sets out responsibilities

Accelerated courses will help students get into the workforce earlier.

Half a billion funding gap risk for SEND

Children with special educational needs and disabilities are facing a potential funding gap this year of more than half a billion pounds.

nasen is to receive £1.4 million from the Department for Education to improve access and inclusion in early years.

The DfE has launched projects to help disadvantaged families nurture their child's early development at home.

 The NAPL programme will help teachers deliver Wales’ new curriculum.