According to a poll of 707 head teachers, schools will have lost five members of staff each, on average by September.

Teachers are concerned that the current testing system is prioritising the government’s “desire for data” instead of learning.

School bodies are set to be given new powers which would allow them to sack maverick, corrupt and incompetent parent governors.

Prime minister, Theresa May has announced measures to provide every school with mental health first-aid training.

The David Ross Education Trust has been given a “final warning” by unions over job cuts as part of its £1 million saving scheme.

Hundreds of vulnerable and disadvantaged children are expected to receive bursaries in order to attend boarding school.

Poor pupils with the same SATs score as richer peers do worse in grammar school entrance exams, research shows

Union NASUWT has called on the government to ensure that schools have better access to support from mental health professionals.

Teachers in Scotland will not be able to see exam papers until the day after each test takes place.

MPs have pledged to contact headteachers in their constituencies to find out how more funding cuts will affect their schools, following a joint union event.

According to a new study, the smell of rosemary could enhance the memory of students which can help with revising for upcoming exams.

The National Association of Head Teachers has nominated Paul Whiteman to take over as general secretary.

School business professionals are being asked to share their thoughts with the National Association of School Business Management on their experiences in their profession

National reading and numeracy tests in Wales are set to move from a paper assessment to an online equivalent.

The NASUWT union is marking Workers’ Memorial Day by remembering those that have died because of asbestos exposure in schools.

Head teachers have backed a motion which gives their leaders licence to explore all options in order to deal with budget pressures.

As a result of the snap election, the government’s free schools policy has come to a halt because of pre-election “purdah”.

Research carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) has found that headteacher retention rates have fallen since 2012, giving cause for concern.

Government data has revealed that half of academies sponsored by grammar schools are rated as requiring improvement or inadequate.

A free online mapping and analysis platform is being offered to schools in order to support secondary schools in using Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

According to research by union NASUWT, nearly one-third of teachers have reported being abused online in the past 12 months.

Research by the NSPCC reveals that children aren't being shielded from inappropriate and dangerous content on social media sites.

According to a report by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), bursaries for trainee teachers should be scrapped and replaced with a new system of forgivable fees.

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has launched a new professional development platform for primary school teachers.

School leaders’ union NAHT has suggested five key priorities for political parties to include in their General Election manifestos, and grammar schools in not one of them.