Jonathan Hart, chief executive of the Automatic Vending Association, discusses the upcoming UK currency changes and how this will affect the thousands of vending machines in schools.

With British Food Fortnight upon us (17 September to 2 October), how can school caterers and teachers get children excited about the wonderful food produced in this country?

If schools are to play their part in reducing obesity, they need to develop healthy eating policies that are implemented in every day school life, urges dietitian Dimple Thakrar.

Following the announcement by the government of an impending Sugar Tax and a renewed focus on the dangers of sugary drinks, Education Business evaluates the importance of nutritional value in children’s diets and the importance of hydration for students.

What more can schools do to create healthy habits for a lifetime? Linda Cregan from the Children’s Food Trust gives her tips.

Working for a healthier school education

Healthy Schools London is an Awards Programme that will reach out to every London child, working with schools to improve children and young people’s well‑being.

With new frameworks in place to monitor how schools support health eating, Jo Wild of Food For Life examines the benefits that healthy school meals can have on pupil well-being and attainment, and why schools should be more engaged in cooking and learning about where food comes from.

Healthy Schools London is an Awards Programme that will reach out to every London child, working with schools to improve children and young people’s well‑being. Here, Alison Stafford gives an insight to the work being done.

Let's get cooking (again)

It is eight years since the Children’s Food Trust began its Let’s Get Cooking programme, which went on to become the biggest network of healthy cooking clubs in England.

One year on from the launch of the Free Infant School Meals, Education Business revisits how effective the School Food Plan has been in improving the quality of food in English schools. However, with the free school meals now under apparent threat, has it been effective enough?

Catering in schools is improving the quality of its food by meeting standard of nutrition, freshness and sustainability. The Food For Life Catering Mark is an initiative to tackle food in education and raise the standards even higher

Despite his fame and fortune, forged from a fanatical fancy for food, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver continues in his quest to improve nutrition and cooking skills in schools across the UK. Food Revolution Day, which took place in May, highlights the need for food education in the curriculum

Support is now available to help your school build on the foundations provided by new school food standards. Dr Patricia Mucavele from the Children’s Food Trust explains more

Welcoming dining areas are as important to school meal success as delicious and nutritious food. Jeremy Boardman of the Children’s Food Trust offers tips for making your canteen a lunchtime magnet for pupils

In 2005, Jamie Oliver caught the nations attention with his documentary series Jamie’s School Dinners, emphasising the harsh reality of food in many schools throughout the UK. Ten years on, the conversation that won’t go away is once again causing controversy up and down schools throughout the country