Strike action begins at Monmouthshire school

 Strike action begins at Monmouthshire school

Members of the NASUWT union at Chepstow Comprehensive School in Monmouthshire have begun their eight-day strike today, 17 April.

The strike action is over “adverse management practices” which are believed to be having a “detrimental effect on the working conditions of welfare members”.

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, said: “The action being taken at Chepstow Comprehensive School is in protest over the repeated failure of the governing body to effectively address long-standing issues over the way in which the school is being managed.

“The NASUWT had recently sought to resolve the on-going situation through a collective grievance but was forced to withdraw from the process when it became apparent that the governing body was going to treat the concerns as individual grievances rather than accepting that there was collective issue at the school.

“Teachers have a right to work in an atmosphere of mutual professional trust and respect and to be treated with dignity. That culture is sadly lacking at Chepstow Comprehensive School.”

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