New school programme to help pupils cope with modern life launched

Public Health England (PHE) has developed a series of new resources for secondary school teachers to use in their lesson plans as part of the Rise Above for Schools programme.

The resources will help teachers engage pupils with coping strategies about traditional health issues like smoking and alcohol.

It aims to improve mental health and wellbeing and explore coping strategies for issues such as bullying; body image in a digital world; exam stress; positive relationships and friendships; and online stress and social media

The launch comes as new analysis by PHE shows that a supportive learning environment in schools, including good quality PSHE provision, is associated with improved health and wellbeing.

Growing evidence also suggests that the skills and qualities acquired through PSHE have a significant impact on students’ academic achievement, employability, and future life chances

Jenny Fox, PSHE Association subject specialist, said: “Young people today face a range of new pressures that can potentially harm their emotional and physical wellbeing. By addressing these key issues, resources from Rise Above for Schools support the important role PSHE education plays in helping young people to make positive, informed choices throughout their lives.

“The lesson plans provide opportunities for students to engage in active learning and to discuss and reflect upon the social and emotional aspects of issues they face on a daily basis. The lessons are consistently well matched to the needs of young people and enable them to demonstrate progress as their understanding and skills develop.”

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