Wales issues school guide for parents with adopted children

A new guide backed by the Welsh government for parents with adopted children on how to work with schools to benefit their child’s education has been launched.

Created by Adoption UK Cymru - ‘Getting it right for every child: A parent’s guide to working with schools - sets out the top things parents of adopted children should look for when choosing a school, how to work with staff at the school and gives advice on how attachment issues can have an impact on a child’s progress through the education system.

The guide, funded by the Welsh government, is based on recommendations from internationally renowned experts on trauma and attachment.

Written by Ann Bell, who is an adoptive parent and director of Adoption UK in Wales, the content is based on contributions from other adopters, adopted children and young people, teachers and those responsible for looked after and adopted children in local authorities.

Education secretary Kirsty Williams, said: “We know that adopted children often need extra support when it comes to their education and this new guide aims to help parents make the right choices for their child as they navigate the school system. Learning can only take place if children feel safe and that often does not come naturally for children who have had bad experiences with adults in their early years.”

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