Programme to help primary pupils understand news launches

Programme to help primary pupils understand news launches

Primary schools can register their interest in taking part in a new programme to help teachers empower their pupils to access, understand, analyse and participate in the news.

Launching in autumn 2018, the pilot programme News Wise will provide teachers of pupils in Years 5 and 6 with a suite of curriculum-based lesson plans and online resources, as well as school workshops delivered by journalists.

News Wise was developed by the National Literacy Trust in partnership with the Guardian Foundation and the PSHE Association.

The programme is being funded by Google for the pilot year.

Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust, said: “In this digital age, children who can’t question and determine the reliability of the information they find online will be hamstrung – at school, at work and in life. Worryingly, our research shows that this is a reality for far too many children across the UK.

“Working with the Guardian Foundation, PSHE Association and Google, we will help children develop the critical literacy skills they need to survive and thrive in a digital world.”

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