Academy trust to give up its 21 schools

The Wakefield Academies Trust has decided to give up its 21 schools following a “robust period of review and evaluation”.

The Trust’s board has said in a statement: “As a new board appointed in July 2016 to address the significant challenges faced by Wakefield City Trust, we have been engaged in a robust period of review and evaluation of all aspects of the organisation.

“Having undertaken this comprehensive review, led by an experienced CEO, our conclusion is that the Trust does not have the capacity to facilitate the rapid improvement of our academies needs and our students deserve”.

The statement went on to say that the board has requested that the Department for Education (DfE) works with them to place the academies with new sponsors.

It concluded: “The board recognises this announcement will cause uncertainty, particularly for our staff.

“It will work with them to ensure the transition to new sponsors is as seamless as possible.

“Our students’ best interests, as ever, remain our focus and they and parents should be reassured that this decision will have a positive impact on education provisioin.”

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