New framework launched for schools to buy ICT

The Government has launched a new framework to help education bodies to procure ICT goods and services.

The Education Technology framework, designed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) in collaboration with the Department for Education, helps schools, colleges and universities to buy ICT equipment and services including hardware, audio-visual equipment and broadband fibre infrastructure.

Customers will also be able to use the agreement to fully kit out new facilities as well as refresh existing kit.

Niall Quinn, Director of Crown Commercial Service’s Technology Pillar, said: ‘Guided by the feedback we have gathered by engaging with schools and the Department for Education, we are proud to offer a practical solution for schools to be able to procure all of their technology needs through one single agreement.’

40 suppliers have been awarded places on the agreement, 78% of them small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

46% of a total £44m of spend through its predecessor, ICT Services for Education, went to SMEs.

21 suppliers were named on Lot 1 of the agreement in June.

The deal runs for 3 years with the potential for a further 12 month extension.

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