Exam Results Helpline returns to help stressed pupils

The Exams Results Helpline has returned for August in order to help out pupils and families as exam results are soon to be released.

A team of 40 career advice experts will be providing free, specialised information to help and guide pupils who have higher or lower exam results than expected.

The helpline number 0808 100 8000 opens in Scotland first on 8 August, when Higher, Advanced Higher, National and Scottish Baccalaureate results are announced and closes North of the Border on August 16.

It is then open for students in the rest of the UK on 17 August, the day A Level results are issued and closes on August 31 following GCSE results on August 24.

Students make the bulk of the calls, but a quarter are parents reviewing options for their children.

Last year, over 7,500 pupils called the helpline and spoke to advisors through social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

The Helpline is supported by the Department for Education (DfE) and is run by UCAS from its headquarters in Cheltenham.

The advice covers what to do if students haven’t secured the grades they predicted, or if they’ve changed their minds about their chosen course. There is also guidance on next steps for students whose grades are better than expected, help with Clearing and information on apprenticeships and vocational courses.

School standards minister for England Nick Gibb said: “Following the culmination of years of hard work, the day students open their results is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time.

“The experts at the Exam Results Helpline provide a vital source of information to students and their parents as they carefully consider their options for the future.”

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