Pupils should be taught about breastfeeding with PSHE

Breastfeeding should be added to the school curriculum to help end the stigma about feeding in public, doctors have said.

According to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), governments in each nation need to “ensure familiarity with breastfeeding is included as part of statutory personal, social and health education in schools".

The RCPCH has said that “social stigma is a major barrier to breastfeeding” and that more needs to be done to support women to carry on breastfeeding “beyond the first few weeks”.

RCPCH president, Professor Neena Modi, said: “Women, their families, no less children and society at large need information that is sensible and not overly dogmatic.

“There must be a coordinated and determined approach across all the society if the situation is to be improved.”

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