Better value, delivered

For over 45 years YPO has supplied schools across the UK with a wide range of products and services. We provide everything from office supplies, such as pens and paper to furniture, electricity and food, helping our customers save time and money and to drive efficiency savings.

Being 100% publicly owned means all our profits are returned to the public sector, where it’s needed most. We help around 30,000 schools with their purchasing decisions, providing expertise and guidance on anything from ICT solutions, catering equipment, insurance and HR services, to everyday classroom supplies such as exercise books, glue sticks and curriculum resources.

We’re here to support you as you welcome pupils back to school. Whether you’re considering compact and hygienic furniture options or want to update your IT equipment. Maybe you need to restock classrooms with stationery essentials or are looking for resources to assist with children’s wellbeing. We can help you get what you need.