Urban Planters

Urban Planters: Growing cleaner, fresher air in our schools

There is a growing awareness of outdoor air quality and its impact on our health, but our indoor air is also often less healthy than it should be. In classrooms, where lots of people congregate and there is little ventilation from open windows, air can get stuffy, stale and contain a lot more CO2 than there should be.

Fresh, clean air helps us stay healthy and maintain good levels of concentration, and indoor plants are very effective at removing toxins from the atmosphere while at the same time turning CO2 into revitalizing oxygen.

The restorative power of plants in the classroom doesn’t stop there: study after study has shown that attentiveness increases by as much as 70% when plants are used in a classroom, while productivity and creativity also improve.

What’s more, it has also been proven that students with a view of nature are considerably more productive and have a greater sense of wellbeing than those without live plants in sight.

Urban Planters are a nationwide plant company who are experts at providing planting within, on and around buildings. Please get in touch to discuss how we can make your educational setting greener.

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