The TEQ table was designed to offer many possibilities for sport lovers of all ages and backgrounds. If you are a professional athlete or if you are just looking for a fun activity to improve your coordination, ball skills and cognitive abilities, you’ll be able to find your teqsport. Teqball is the oldest and most-popular sport in the group that also includes teqvoly, teqpong, teqis, and qatch. Teqball is the fastest growing sport in the world. It has emerged in several countries and is quickly gaining momentum, with more than 140 National Federations worldwide and has the goal to be included as a medal sport at the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics
The popularity of TEQ sports tables has grown in recent years, especially among young people who are interested in sports. The tables have already found a place in everyday physical education classes at several European public institutions, and physical education teachers also use them as an additional training method. Our videos help them show leading exercises for each game in each difficulty level. The wide range of uses of TEQ tables helps teachers to find the most suitable and most enjoyable form of exercise for children through sports diversification.
The TEQ table is the perfect way to challenge your body while having fun, and it's designed to be used by anyone, regardless of age, gender or skill level.
The diversity of sports available on our teqsports table means that everyone can find an activity they love. You can play with your hands, with all parts of your body other than your hands, or with a racket. The rules are also diverse enough that no matter what you're looking for in a game—whether it's competition or just a little bit of friendly competition—we've got you covered!
It offers more than just physical benefits: It also teaches valuable skills like concentration and focus as well as technical skills like hand-eye coordination and agility. And because the games are touch-free "non-contact" sports, there's less risk of injury than in contact sports like football or baseball. Traning materials are also available.
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