Spanish Inspirations


One day a student said to me that in every lesson I was bringing a bit of Spain to her, sat in Holland. And that is what defines me. I love my culture and I love my country, as well as the language and I want to share that.

I´m Ana, born in Malaga (Spain), where I studied English at the University, having lived and taught Spanish and English in La Herradura area for the past 17 years.

I began teaching in a private international language school, soon progressing to private tuition.

I expanded into translations for English Expats needing support with medical appointments and official government documentation.

Alongside translation services, I teach private individuals, families and groups. Many have continued their lessons after returning home, using Zoom and Skype video calls.

Over the years I’ve developed lots of different teaching techniques enabling me to adapt my lessons to my students´ needs always incorporating that fun element!

Travelling and learning about new cultures were some of the reasons I started teaching Spanish. Sharing our amazing culture and attractive country is something I love doing.

I have been teaching  since 2003 and online since 2013. "Which do I prefer?", my students ask all the time. When I started online I thought that connecting with students in that way would be difficult, and now I comfortably connect with my students and adore it.

A big concern when I started to teach groups online was my scepticism on how it would work. After studying different methods and conducting many tests, I came up with a way of learning that my students and I enjoy.

Being fluent in English gives me an appreciation of the amount of effort it takes and helps me to identify where the main problems lie.

Now is the time to live your dream of speaking Spanish or living in a Spanish speaking country.

Try my  lessons to learn more grammar, practice your conversation and build up your confidence.

Why use Spanish Inspirations to learn Spanish?

  • Highly Motivated Teacher
  • Learn Spanish no matter where you are, with your teacher
  • Materials adapted to your needs
  • Flexible teaching methods
  • Homework reviewed in the lesson