The Royal Institution

Explosive education from the Royal Institution!

Fun, engaging, explosive! A science show from the world famous Royal Institution enhances science education through one or two shows for your children, and helps meet mandatory CPD requirements through training for your teachers.

What’s more, it generates support for science in the home and has fundraising potential for PTAs through an evening show for families.

For primary school pupils our shows inspire a sense of wonder and excitement with science; for secondary, they sustain and re-energise a passion that may have waned. Our shows are for everyone and showcase the endless possibilities of science that skilled teachers can exploit for the children’s benefit.

The Royal Institution is the home of the annual CHRISTMAS LECTURES, with a 220 year pedigree of promoting public engagement with science.

Here’s what some teachers have said about a Science show from the Royal Institution:

‘All the children lucky enough to attend – and all the staff – were absolutely blown away and thoroughly energised by the show. They are all now planning careers in Science!’

‘The parents who attended the evening show could not have wanted for a better way to engage their children into science.’