Robot-coupe UK Ltd

Robot-coupe: Food Preparation Specialists

Robot-coupe UK Ltd created their signature food processor over 40 years ago, in the heart of Burgundy, France. They now manufacture a wide range of food preparation equipment with each machine adapted to suit various professional needs, including those of restaurants, caterers, institutions and delicatessens.

Their high quality products include table-top cutters, automatic juice extractors and automatic sieves, as well as a selection of unique machines. Robot Cook® is the first ever professional heating food processor and the only cooking cutter blender on the market. It allows the user to emulsify, grind, blend, chop, mix and knead to perfection, and is the ideal appliance for hot, cold, sweet and savoury dishes. Its combination of high speed settings and enviable cutting quality, along with its ability to heat ingredients to a temperature of 140˚C, will be loved by chefs. They also manufacture the Blixer®, a machine which combines the features of the cutter and the blender/mixer to allow the user to prepare all types of mixed and liquidized food.

To see how Robot-coupe can help with your food preparation needs, head to their website, which includes their full range of products along with an extensive selection of recipes. Free demo on request.

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