Purified Air

Purified Air have been market leaders within the Air Filtration business for nearly 40 years, specialising in Indoor Air Quality.

Our Indoor Air Quality products are used in many Commercial and medical settings to remove harmful particulates such as viruses and bacteria from indoor spaces.

Purified Air use UVGI technology for all their IAQ Solutions, with it being the only technology endorsed by all leading bodies including ASHRAE, CDC, CIBSE & REHVA. Purified Air’s adaptable range of Indoor Air Quality products incorporates Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology designed to remove up to 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19.

These efficient systems are tried and tested as a form of virus neutralisation with Purified Air’s products being independently tested by the University of Kent and the NHS, they’ve been shown to filter the air, removing any particulate matter down to 0.01 Microns. Purified Air have supplied their UVGI products to many high-profile clients including government departments, their product the VIU Mobile had a national roll out for the Ministry of Defence whilst also supplying various solutions to HM Government., in addition to this the supply of the VIU Mobile to multiple NHS hospitals throughout the UK.

Purified Air has multiple solutions to improve IAQ within indoor settings with products being plug & play portable, wall mounted, standalone recirculating, ceiling mounted and inline including fan coil units. We also have a service team of 40+ engineers directly employed by the company who as a collective carry out over 16,000 service visits a year ensuring that the products are looked after and maintained properly.

As a UK Manufacturer Purified Air assist in the design, supply, and servicing of their products. Purified Air also operate globally through a network of over 40 distributors.

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Warneford Consulting

A niche within a niche; how to thrive as a small estate management consultancy within the academy school sector

Tim Warneford, Managing Director of Warneford Consulting, has over the last two years, produced a series of 20 podcasts called ’Developing the Trust’, in which he interviews a broad range of academy experts to identify and share best practice across the academy sector.