ProMove UK Ltd

Established in 2007, ProMove UK Ltd manufactures and supply’s the ProMove sling. The unique design of the ProMove sling means it can be used to move an individual in a confined or outdoor location where a hoist cannot be used.

Primary and Secondary schools and Academies have found the ProMove slings to be especially valuable when off the premises, be that for days out, field trips or holidays involving students.

The ProMove sling can be used to transfer a student from their seat to just about anywhere, providing access to so many otherwise inaccessible activities. It can also be used for more mundane tasks such as transfer to a toilet seat, or seat on the bus, making the trip more practical, comfortable and safer.

ProMove slings are also used to access activities at school, such as transfer to a play/exercise mat, where a hoist is not available. Being compact and lightweight, a ProMove sling can be taken anywhere and used with ease wherever and whenever necessary.

The ProMove sling can provide the safest possible transfer in emergency situations, or can be a way for education staff, families and carers to move active youngsters when out and about, enabling them to get involved in many more experiences.

For more info please visit our website, call or e-mail us. Please quote EDBIZ18 for 20% discount on your first purchase.

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