Novus Elements Ltd

Novus Elements Ltd is an electrical contractor with that specialises in cleantech. Between the main design engineers, we have over 40 years of experience from electronics, automation and electrical engineering.

A typical property we modernise their energy system for benefits from roughly 70% reduced energy bills. We help our clients produce, store and use clean Solar energy as much as possible and each project gets a bespoke solution.
The energy we provide is clean and we take this further. With our proprietary technologies you can clean your rooms with visible light and disinfect the air and the water. Our disinfection technologies are effective on all pathogens, including all the chemical and antibiotic resistant strains and the technologies are perfectly safe and require no chemicals. Healthy building saves occupants from sickness and saves money and is gentle to the environment. System eliminates moulds and airborne spores, improving the indoor ai quality.

- Solar energy system design, supply and upgrades
- Antibacterial lighting systems, and conventional LED upgrades
- World’s most efficient water purification system
- EICR, PAT testing and generic electrical contracting
- Clean your property’s energy, air, surfaces and water all under one roof
- Far Infrared Heating systems

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