Nora Flooring Systems

Rubber floor coverings for education facilities

An ergonomically designed workplace makes a significant contribution to work satisfaction.

For some people long periods of their day spent standing can lead to considerable tension being placed on muscles and to degenerative changes in spinal discs and joints. How comfortably a person can stand for long periods of time depends to a significant extent, on the properties of the floor covering: a harder surface wears out the body much more easily than a more flexible and elastic one. Thanks to their long-lasting elasticity, nora® rubber floor coverings make standing for hours on end easier and the burden on the back and joints is tangibly reduced.

Flooring makes up a large proportion of a rooms area and is a crucial aspect in ensuring a positive atmosphere, good indoor air quality, comfort and economic efficiency. The overall atmosphere of rooms their colours, shapes, functions and materials should animate students to learn. The greater the sense of well-being users have the greater the feel good factor, the greater the learning success.

Two Product Lines - Endless Possibilities

norament® the pioneer among rubber floor coverings, represents absolute resilience and functionality. Available in tile format and a wide range of designs and colours this classic rubber flooring is an excellent choice wherever floors have to cope with the toughest conditions.

noraplan® floor coverings available in rolls and tiles with many different designs and colours that allow for virtually unlimited design potential. The product range consists of surface patterns that use the latest manufacturing technique.