Morgan Stewart

Schools, colleges and universities recognise that every aspect of classroom furniture, from seat location, to aesthetic design will have a significant impact on learning – and budget.

Morgan Stewart is a trusted provider of durable educational furniture and classroom planning, working with schools to create a supportive learning environment.

Hardwearing Furniture – Free Classroom Planning

Our philosophy starts by providing hardwearing classroom furniture that looks as good on the second term as it did at the first - and continues with our free classroom planning service, ensuring that desks and chair layouts are arranged for the optimum learning experience.

Furniture for specialist educational requirements

We also offer a huge range of specialist furniture to suit a particular purpose, from easily stackable furniture to suit a dual-purpose space to educational chairs for musicians, auditorium furniture for lecture halls and even professional seating for concert halls.

We also offer comfortable common room furniture that looks good, encourages growing independence and performs brilliantly.

We’re all about quality - if educational furniture lasts longer, works better and needs less maintenance it will cost schools less in the long run.  

However, our high-quality educational furniture is also surprisingly competitive.  Why not ask for a free, no-obligation quote?

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