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GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd is a leading producer and marketer of skin and surface hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. Founded in 1946, GOJO is a family-owned company with a wealth of experience in the hygiene industry and internationally recognised brands, including PURELL® (one of the most trusted brands for skin sanitising) and GOJO® (its brand for specialised soaps and tough soils cleaning solutions).

The GOJO mission is to save lives and make life better through well-being solutions. This drives GOJO’s innovation in hand hygiene and skin care. As a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Private Organizations for Patient Safety group, GOJO is passionate about making hand hygiene second nature to everyone – including children.

Educating children from a young age about healthy hand hygiene behaviour and providing them with the right products to make the activity pleasant rather than a chore is crucial.

Hundreds of studies published over the last 20 years have proved that it can break the chain of infection and make a huge difference to health. One study also demonstrated a 50% reduction in absenteeism within primary schools after a comprehensive hand hygiene programme was implemented.  It not only helps to reduce the days lost to illness, and therefore improve learning outcomes, but it is a life skill which will benefit their health throughout adulthood too.

Backed by a wealth of scientific expertise, and specialist formulations, GOJO has the technology and experience to work in partnership with schools, colleges and other education facilities to implement effective hand and surface hygiene regimes. This includes providing child-friendly equipment and products, together with awareness-raising campaign materials designed to promote hygienic behaviour throughout the premises.

GOJO recommends a ‘total solution’ approach, which recognises and combines three key strategies to influence behaviour: Formulations; Accessibility; and Signage.

Finding the right formulas

GOJO has market leading formulas, two of which include; GOJO Mild Foam Hand Soap and PURELL Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub. These soaps and sanitisers are tough on germs, yet gentle on children’s delicate skin. GOJO foam soaps also have a soft feel that kids love – and that encourages use. PURELL Hygienic Hand Sanitisers also make it easier to create a healthy learning environment and can be stationed within classrooms as well as washrooms.

Factory-sealed refills for soaps and sanitisers can also help in the fight against infection – these products simply snap into place on site and are a smart, safe and sustainable option. The product inside is protected from contamination as it is sealed at the point of manufacture. This means that the soap or sanitiser is never open to the environment and so cross contamination from the air or other sources is prevented.

Ensuring handwashing facilities are within reach

Handwashing facilities must be accessible and dispensers simple to use – consider situating these at a lower height, to enable children to reach them easily. Touch-free dispensers have become increasingly popular in education settings too. Intuitively sensing the presence of hands, they dispense just the right amount of product every time, and the fact that they are touch-free also increases their hygiene rating.

Maximising technological solutions

Bringing total solutions to schools, colleges and other education facilities means more than just providing hand hygiene products and dispensers. It also means ensuring that dispensers are well maintained and that they don’t run empty. Until now, washrooms have had to be physically monitored by staff to check stock levels and replenish supplies, a system which has a large margin for error and can lead to supplies running out. It is this problem that inspired GOJO SMARTLINK™ technology. Its SMARTLINK™ Service Alerts System app is a preventative maintenance system that continuously monitors hand hygiene dispensers and provides predictive analytics that can enable improvements. Users can customise alerts and alarms that includes data on dispenser usage, estimated refill replacement dates, alarm status and history.

Encouraging healthy and hygienic behaviour

Eye-catching posters are very effective as a prompt. Teachers should also dedicate time to discuss the importance of good hand hygiene and to demonstrate the best technique. At www.GOJO.com, there is a host of free educational materials available to download. Aimed at children aged 3 – 12, resources include posters, colouring sheets, activity sheets, crosswords, word-searches, and finger puppets.

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