Electrical Deals Direct

Electrical Deals Direct enables schools and colleges to reduce operating costs and become more eco-friendly in many different areas. As an online-only company, we offer the best prices available but can also offer unrivalled expertise. This means we can help you to compare all the suitable products available from different manufacturers and help with your selection to make sure you get the best value for money. By representing over 65 different manufacturers, we can advise in an independent and unbiased way to ensure you purchase the right products for your situation.

Doing away with expensive, wasteful and environmentally unfriendly paper towels in the washrooms and replacing them with efficient, robust and modern hand-dryers will save up to 98% of the running costs and save on cleaning and disposal costs. From Dyson to JETBOX, we can help you choose from more than 15 different brands to get the best value for money.

No more queuing for hot drinks at break times in the staffrooms with a carefully selected appliance which delivers instant boiling water when you need it to improve productivity and keep staff happy.

Kitchens & Canteens
Catering equipment from ovens and microwaves to food mixers and filtration units – over 20 different brands to keep your kitchens running smoothly and efficiently.