Solar powered traffic control solution for schools

Controlling the access into a staff car park or as part of a safe crossing point on an internal road Dofygate can provide a very cost effective system. Our barrier can control parents who might otherwise ignore instruction not to park in a particular area or bring their vehicle to a stop at a particular point all done without the need for confrontation. Power is provided by an integral solar charged battery so no wiring to or between the gate units. A full range of opening options are available including transmitter fobs, keypad, intercom, fixed radio button and auto open.

Unlike alternatives a Dofygate is a barrier designed for solar rather than a solar panel fitted to an existing design. The carbon fibre arms are lightweight with a breakaway clutch meaning the arm survives accidental vehicle impacts and is easily reset. Should any contact be made with a person or vehicle the force applied by the gate is light and harmless.

Most systems are fixed position but our recently introduced Wheelygate comes complete with its own mobile stand providing an extremely versatile remote controlled traffic barrier system.

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