DB Fire Safety Limited

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires that all educational establishments (schools, nurseries, colleges and universities etc.) have a current Fire Risk Assessment. Legislation requires that fire risk assessments are reviewed on a regular basis; and guidance is that reviews are carried out at least annually and may require more frequent reviews for many reasons.

DB Fire Safety Limited has well over 25 years experience in providing support to schools, colleges and nurseries throughout England and Wales. We do this by carrying out the statutory fire risk assessments and providing regular reviews.

In addition to the requirement for an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment, there is also a requirement for all staff to receive instruction in the emergency procedures to be carried out in the event of a fire emergency. In many cases there will also be a requirement for a number of senior staff to be designated as Fire Wardens (or Marshals); to have particular responsibilities in the event of fire.

Our specialist knowledge and experience, ensures that we provide all staff with the appropriate training and information that is particularly applicable in educational establishments.

Once we have carried out your Fire Risk Assessment, we offer a FREE telephone consultancy service for the following 12 months. Our commitment to supporting all of our clients, resulted in us being awarded Best Fire Safety Consultancy, in the UK Business Awards, for three years running.

For more information on how DB Fire Safety Limited can be of assistance:

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