Boards Direct

What is vitally important to your business, when you are selling, advertising, training, or planning? All key activities, and all need something fundamental and reliable- high quality visual display equipment!

The range of products is enormous- whiteboards, glass wall boards, free standing display boards, all have their own niche and best fit. It makes sense to identify what uses any equipment you buy will get, what space it will go into, and how user friendly it is before going to the time and expense of purchasing hard to handle goods.

Boards Direct get this. No I mean really get this. The Company not only supplies the largest range of these products in the UK, it also provides the crucial ingredient – expertise. We don’t just sell a board in a box. We guide and advise the customer to find the solution to their specific need. Worried about the weight? Size? Surface quality? Portability? Just ask Boards Direct, either by phone, email or online chat.

“We are not a supermarket..” explains Bex Easson, Head of Marketing. “We are a vital extension of your planning process, a consultant who can identify and then supply exactly what you need. Try us, and you will see!”