Getting Into Hot Water

Creating an optimised hot water system is often a crucial element for an education building project. Unfortunately, what we see far too often are systems that have been oversized, demanding more appliances, ancillaries, space and complex installation than necessary. Inefficient and less environmentally friendly, such systems will prove more costly to build and operate for their entire lifespan.

Oversizing inherently comes from a lack of understanding of different types of domestic hot water system (DHW). When faced with school and university DHW systems that have too many variables and decisions on diversity, sizing programmes will oversize to prevent perceived hot water problems.

Understanding the application demands, from intense peak/all storage, to continuous demand/all burner power is critical when sizing a dynamic hot water system. At Adveco, our dedicated application design team provide accurate, bespoke sizing, for both new build and refurbishment projects. Once correctly sized, we can recommend, supply, commission and service the optimal appliances. Whether gas, electric or a hybrid approach - which can incorporate low carbon and renewable technologies such as solar thermal, m-CHP and heat pumps - school, college and university hot water demands are met in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner.